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Investments FULLY Secured by Real Estate.

Aditya Group Bond

Asset-backed corporate bonds from an established group of companies in India, raising funds for financial restructure.

The investment is professionally structured through a Singapore SPV and the invested funds are fully backed by real estate with a safe 65% LTV (loan to value).

Investment returns are offered over various terms and provide different rates of return accordingly.


Short Term

3 year investment plan, ideal for first-time investors.


Fully Secured By Property

Unencumbered title deeds being held in Escrow by an international law firm to ensure complete security to our investors.


Flexible Payment Options

Option to receive interest payments monthly or quarterly.


Make Investments That Count

Aditya Group bond directly benefits the education of thousands of children.

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Product Description

At Emerging Trends Advisors, we have always set out to source the best investment products possible for our clients. This proved easier said than done, which led us to take the step further and begin to structure our own products, of which the Aditya Group bonds are the first of a few similarly structured options to be released by us in the near future.

All a result of over a year’s worth of extensive research, networking, due diligence and incorporating a corporate structure to enable us to offer the products both legally and safely to our investors.

After researching the globe and the different market conditions we became excited about India, as it was the only country that we found that met the following criteria:

1- One of the world’s major economies.
2- A fast growing economy.
3- An economy that we were confident would continue to be both strong and stable in the future.
4- One that has a high base rate of interest.

Simply put, the cost of borrowing money in India is 11%-20% even when offering plenty of collateral.

Let’s confirm that again, secured lending or ‘taking out a mortgage’ as more commonly known, will cost you between 11%-20% per annum in interest.

(Please see attached image for latest secured lending rates in India)

These percentages will seem very high to most of us, especially where in the western world we are used to the banks giving us anything between 0%and 3% on our savings!

We saw a fantastic opportunity. Our aim was to bridge the gap between the low earning west and India, where people are being forced to pay interest of 5 times the amount and more.

We all know that the banks have huge power when it comes to the financial laws and India is no different.

We engaged with CMS, one of the world’s largest and most established legal firms, to advise us on the investment structure and contracts.

In addition we also engaged with KPMG, a world leading audit firm, as well as CBRE, the worlds largest real estate company, to carry out audits and valuations before we would consider providing them with a solution to their current expensive mortgages.

Latest Secure Lending Rates in India

We are now 100% confident and proud in our product to ‘crowdfund mortgages’ to corporations in India.

We have done extensive and comprehensive due diligence on our borrowers that even the most stringent banks would have performed to ensure that their lending criteria would have been met.

We believe this product is the best option when considering risk versus reward compared to anything else on the global market today and that whilst the interest rates in the west and India remain around these levels, it’s time to take advantage of the structure that we have put in place.

Emerging Trends Advisors

Emerging Trends Advisors are an investment consultancy company specialising in asset backed investment in South East Asia.

We offer both small and large investors an alternative to the current unattractive returns of bank deposits and saving plans.

We speak several languages and already have numerous investors from all over the world.

We work with international reliable partners – including investment banks, law firms and valuation companies.

What Our Customers Think Of Us

Starting with a small investment as a test, I have now established long term working relations with ETA. I consider their service both reliable and professional and would definitely recommend this company as a long-term partner.

Yasufumi Fukunaga


Starting with a small investment as a test, I have now established long term working relations with ETA. I consider their service both reliable and professional and would definitely recommend this company as a long-term partner.

Alexandre Khlopkov


I am representing a few business groups in India. Together with Emerging Trends Advisors we have participated in a number of investment projects in Thailand, India and Cambodia. ETA is a trustworthy partner with a team of experienced devoted professionals aiming for a long-term relationship. I strongly recommend them for personal and business investments.

Mr. Singh


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